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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Thought on Usability

A thought on matching offline and online Usability in software recruitments.

If a company gives a recruitment ad in the newspapers, they should mirror the same ad on their Web site as a separate Web page, (and not as an image), with a link to either submit an application form with the CV or provide a list of email addresses to send the CV.

It so happens that an ad is placed in the newspapers, while the Web site still has last year's information in the Careers section.

Consider these questions:

- How will people apply for a software job? Through the Internet.
- Why? Most of them are at work and will be applying through email.
- What is more accessible at work? The newspaper or an Internet connection?
# An Internet connection.

So why don't companies that want to recruit potential candidates display their latest newspaper ads on their Web sites?

Read today's Ascent and then view the Careers section of some of these companies. They have immediate requirements, as mentioned in their newspaper ads, and their Careers section hasn't been updated since the last six months.