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Wednesday, June 15, 2005


I'll be 29 next week. Maan, birthday is a time to introspect.
A year has almost gone and I have done few things out of the ones I'd decided last year.

I'm nowhere near earning Rs. XK per month. Although I think it will be possible sooner or later.

Targets/ Resolutions

- Do something different apart from going to work and coming back home
   # School teacher
   # Story Writer
   # Journalist
      * Buy a digital camera and blog about Pune.

- Read more books

- Watch more movies

- Get Engaged

- Get Married

- Go for shopping
I haven't shopped for clothes since last November.

- Play Cricket
It's been a long time I haven't played even tennis ball cricket.

Let me narrate an interesting office incident related to Cricket.
Abhijeet is in the Accounts dept. in office. I had a hair cut after a period of almost four months, and incidentally I'd gone to his desk for some work.
He asked me the name of my school. Turned out both of us are from the same school (I wasn't knowing this before). He recognized me from my sideface after the haircut.
He was six years junior to me in school and he remembered me from my cricket playing days in school. (I used to open the batting in school; bowl off-spin; field at forward short-leg and take diving catches (was fun) standing in the first slip).

Proves that being good at sports always makes schoolmates remember you.
I came first in school in class ten. If I meet schoolmates they still remember me as Chirayu, the cricket player and captain of the school cricket team.

I have fond memories of my cricket playing days in school and I can recollect many interesting incidents to narrate. I'll save those for some other time.