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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

June Quiz

This month's office quiz. I've kept it simple.
Last month I'd sent a Google Quiz.
This month it's on Pune, cricket, telecom, finance, and technology.
I invite readers to take a shot at it.

Update: I will post the answers on June 30 at 7 pm IST.
Update: Posted answers to the June Quiz 2005. June 30. 07:10 pm IST

Answers to the June 2005 Quiz

1. Which area in Pune is named after a German city? (Hint: Near Pune University)
- Bremen Chowk/Bremen Circle after the German city of Bremen

2. Why is Pune's Sangam bridge, the bridge that joins COEP to RTO, called as the Sangam bridge? (Hint: Rivers)
- The bridge is the meeting point (confluence) of Mula and Mutha rivers, hence it is called the 'Sangam' (union) bridge.

3. What is the Kasturba Gandhi Memorial in Pune popularly known as? (Hint: Palace)
- Aga Khan Palace

4 Everyone knows about Parvati Hill in Pune. Name the other hill near Dhankawadi with a temple on the hilltop?
(Hint: Name starts with T)
- Taljai

5. What is Pune's meteorological obervatory known as? (Hint: Office)
- Shimla Office

6. Folklore has it that the wives of the seven founders contributed Rs.10,000 to help start this company in Pune.
Which company are we talking about? (Hint: Too big now)
- Infosys

7. Which five-star hotel in Pune was earlier known as The Holiday Inn? (Hint: Part of it was once demolished by Arun Bhatia).
- Sun N Sand

8. Who represents Pune in the Lok Sabha? (Hint: MP from Pune)
- Suresh Kalmadi

9. When was the Fergusson College established? (Hint: Take a walk and find it out! :-))
- 1885

10. What was the real name of Sinhagad fort before it was re-named as Sinhagad (Lion's Fort) in honour of Tanaji's memory?
- Kondana

11. Which country in the world has the largest number of mobile phone users? (Hint: Who else?)
- China

12. What is MMS in telecom terminology?
- Multimedia Messaging Service

13. What is the desgination held by the chief of the Reserve Bank of India? (Hint: Check your notes)
- Governor

14. Which financial institution is based at Phiroze Jeejeebhoy Towers in Mumbai (Bombay)? (Hint: Finance)
- Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

15. What happened to the Bombay Stock Exchange's Sensex on June 20, 2005? (Hint: Benchmark)
- The BSE's Sensex crossed the 7000 mark for the first time.

16. What does the 'S' in HSBC stand for? (Hint: China)
- Shanghai

17. Which principle states that 80 percent of a company's profits must come from 20 per cent of its products? (Hint: Principle)
- Pareto's Principle (The 80-20 Rule)

18. Bill Gates and Paul Allen derived the name Microsoft from 'microcomputer' and which other word?
- Software

19. Which famous company got its present name from 'integrated electronics'?
- Intel

20. Javed Miandad hit a famous last ball six to give Pakistan a win in a one day match in 1986 in Sharjah.
Name the cricketer who snatched a last over win for India versus Pakistan during the Independence Cup Final in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
(Hint: He is from Pune).
- Hrishikesh Kanitkar

21. Against which country did Steve Waugh play his last cricket test match?
- India

22. Who holds the record for the fastest and the second-fastest One Day International hundreds in Cricket? (Hint: Pakistani cricketer)
- Shahid Afridi

23. Who is the new coach of the Indian cricket team? (Hint: Australian)
- Greg Chappell

24. Where is the 2007 Cricket World Cup going to be held? (Hint: Beaches)
- West Indies

25. What is the highest individual score made by an Indian batsmen in test cricket?
- Virender Sehwag - 309 versus Pakistan

26. Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli shared a famous unbeaten partnership of 664 runs in Bombay schools cricket. Can you name the school they were representing?
- Shardashram Vidyamandir

27. Which movie displaced Sholay as India's longest running film? (Hint: It completed 10 years at Mumbai's Maratha Mandir cinema hall)
- Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ)

28. Who won the best Bollywood newcomer award (female) at the recently held IIFA 2005 awards in Amsterdam, Holland? (Hint: Comic book)
- Ayesha Takia

29. Name Hrithik Roshan's second hit film after Kaho Na Pyaar Hai? (Hint: Jadoo)
- Koi Mil Gaya

30. Googlebot is Google's web spider. What is the name of Yahoo!'s web spider/ web crawler/ robot? (Hint: Noise)
- Slurp