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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Can you see the right sidebar of this blog in IE6?

Usability of this Blog in IE6

I opened my blog in IE6 after a long time. Why does the right sidebar of my blog, the one with search and related links, appear at the bottom right of the Web page, after all the posts? Why is it so?

The Web page appears usable and perfect in Firefox. Why does the right sidebar go down in IE6? Is it because of the Google Ads code? Or is it because of the slow loading speed here?

Request: Please open this blog in IE6 and let me know if the right sidebar appears alongside the first post or goes down and shows at the bottom of the Web page. Thanks.

Note: To use IE6 at least once a week to check my blog's Usability.

Update: I've replaced the 125 by 600 skyscraper ads with a 125 by 125 button ad on the right sidebar. 01:35 p.m. IST. There's no change. The right sidebar still apears at the bottom of the Web page in IE6.

Update 2: 09:58 p.m. IST.
I've changed the Blogger settings and now the Home page (this Web page) shows only two days of posts instead of the 30 posts that were seen earlier. Now the sidebar comes alongside the posts in IE6. Thanks for the comment, Satish.

Update 3: Mon, 23 May, 12:25 p.m. IST
I've reduced the width of the image in this post to 400px and now the right sidebar appears alongside the posts in IE6 even for 25 posts on the home page. Thanks for the suggestion, Sebastian.

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