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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Personal Posts


1. Shirts I wear to work.

I used to wear a lot of reds, blacks, and navy blues to office in Hyderabad and even at C....Now I wear these two faded green shirts and sometimes it is a striped gray shirt and on other occasions a skyblue shirt or a checks skyblue shirt. I'd bought a Rs. 1100/- red coloured Provogue shirt in Hyderabad last year. I've worn that only twice or thrice. Punit sometimes wears it to office.

I used to wear black a lot. Since the last two three months all my reds, blacks, and my favourite navy blue shirt are cooling themselves in the wardrobe. Even the red tee shirt, the one which I'm wearing in the picture shown on my profile, was in the wardrobe for a long time, until I wore it for last Sunday's meeting, which went off well and I'm planning for another meeting in a month or so.

2. Thoughts

Sitting in office typing this
I should be writing about search somewhere
What am I doing here?

3. What I am going to do this Sunday.

I'm going to visit netcafes and explain the use of Firefox and encourage netcafe owners to switch to Firefox from their existing browser, which is Internet Explorer.

If you want to run a race, run a mile.
If you want to experience a new life, run a marathon!

To draw an analogy.

If you want to surf the Internet, use Internet Explorer (IE).
If you want to rediscover the Web, use Firefox-the browser, reloaded!

4. Salary on the 8th. Eight more days!

I'm going to get my salary by the 8th of March. I am going to buy a digital camera, upgrade my computer (512 MB RAM, Pentium IV 3.2 GHz), take a broadband Internet connection, and then post lots of images.