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Thursday, December 30, 2004

List of Relief Funds and Aid Agencies to send donations to help the Tsunami affected regions

A list of Relief Funds and Aid Agencies to send donations to help the Tsunami disaster and SouthEast Asia earthquake affected regions.

Relief Funds & Aid Agencies
[via Google Tsunami Relief]
- American Red Cross (from Amazon.com)
- Word Food Program
- Oxfam America
- Oxfam UK
- GOAL, Ireland
- Network for Good
- International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent
- Habitat for Humanity International
- Karuna Lanka, Sri Lanka
- Sarvodaya, Sri Lanka

To donate from India, please read Tsunami Help. Select from the links on the right-hand side of the Tsunami Help blog.

Tsunami Help has links to donate from Portugal, Germany, Ireland, and Spain.

Note: Please crosscheck and verify an organization's credential before donating.

Donate from America.
[Source: The NYT]

- Food for the Hungry, Phoenix, AZ

- World Emergency Relief, Carlsbad, CA
- Operation USA, Los Angeles, CA
- Direct Relief International, Santa Barbara, CA
- International Relief Teams, San Diego, CA
- Project Cancun International, San Diego, CA
- International Medical Corps, Tsunami Response, Santa Monica, CA

- AmeriCares, Stamford, CT
- Save the Children, Westport, CT

District of Columbia
- B'nai B'rith Disaster Relief Fund, Washington, DC

- CARE, Atlanta, GA
- MAP International, Brunswick, GA

- Church World Service, Elkhart, IN

- Catholic Relief Services, Baltimore, MD
- Lutheran World Relief, Baltimore, MD
- International Rescue Committee, Hagerstown, MD
- ADRA International's Asia Quake Fund, Silver Spring, MD

- Christian Reformed World Relief Committee, Grand Rapids, MI
- International Aid, Spring Lake, MI

New York
- US Fund for UNICEF, New York, NY
- American Jewish Joint Distribution, New York, NY
- American Jewish World Service, New York, NY
- Action Against Hunger, New York, NY

- Mercy Corps, Portland, OR

- Brother's Brother Foundation, Pittsburg, PA

Rhode Island
- Plan USA, Asia Disaster Fund, Warwick, RI

- Baptist World Aid, Falls Church, VA
- Project HOPE, Millwood, VA
- AirServ International, Warrenton, VA
- Christian Children's Fund, Richmond, VA

- World Concern, Seattle, WA
- World Vision, Tacoma, WA

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