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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Assembly Elections. Whom to vote for?

Category: Misc. Politics.

Maharashtra Assembly Elections.

I have been a BJP supporter, however I don't want to vote for the BJP this time around in the Maharashtra Assembly elections, as I don't like the dictatorship of the Shiv Sena, and I have never ever voted for the Congress and I don't want to vote for them too. So I'm thinking about whom to vote for in next week's assembly election.

I'll call Girish tomorrow evening and discuss politics with him for an hour to get an idea of what the grass-root level feeling is and which party has better chances of forming a government in Maharashtra, and based on that I will vote.

As per the trends in the newspapers, the INC-NCP alliance has a good chance of retaining power. However, we've seen an anti-incumbency factor at work during the Lok Sabha elections and the assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, in May this year. So the BJP-Shiv Sena combine too has a chance, however, I personally wouldn't want them in power and nor would I like the Congress to be in power. The prospects of the Congress-NCP combine look bright and I've never been a Congress supporter, so I'm thinking about whom to vote for.

A thought on voting:
If you don't vote then you don't have right to criticize the government. All are bad, however, we've got to choose the best out of what we have, so vote we must and I'll make it a point to vote and I encourage others from Pune to vote too. It is on Wednesday, the 13th of October from 07:30 am to 05:00 pm.