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Monday, September 20, 2004

The changing face of ToI's Paper edition.

Category: Misc.

The 'Crass Commercialisation' (Whorism, would be the right word) of Times of India.

If you've read the front page of today's The Times of India, you will know that it is no longer a newspaper, it wasn't one anyways, it was a tabloid, now it has become an advertiser for almost soft-porn.

Under the masthead of The Times of India (the paper edition), is a suggestive picture of a model with a curvaceous ass and two big 'Os' for her breasts. This is, ostensibly, an advertisement for the new Lifestyle and Entertainment channel 'ZOOM' to be launched by the Times Group.

Surprising, they haven't advertised on the web site and they're running fullpage advts. in the newspaper.
I guess, that's the right way of advertising. Because the target audience for 'Zoom Channel' would be newspaper readers. Those who surf the net don't need that kind of pull, there's a lot on the net itself! :-)

One way to look at it would be, as art, and an innovative way to advertise. Alright, that is a valid point.
However, the reason people are looking at ('read', looking at, and not reading) the advertisement is because of the sultry models with suggestive references to their breasts, which is wrong (this is my blog, and I'm voicing my opinion, which, I'm entitled to) for a family newspaper (if I may call it one) to do so.

Times of India is changing with the times, and that's a good sign. However, it's no longer a newspaper.

The Hindu, on the other hand too, is changing with the times, however, it has maintained it's position as a newspaper (both, in the offline and online medium).

The line (atleast in the offline, paper medium) has to be kept.
A newspaper is for news. An eveninger, a tabloid, a week-end newspaper is for news and entertainment. There is no difference between that in the paper edition of The Times of India.

Read the online edition of the Times of India.