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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Category: Misc.

I received a mail from Pratima. She'd written, you write all intellectual stuff (omg, I'm flattered! :-)) on your blog and nothing about what's going on in your life. There's a lot that's going on and nothing that's waiting. It just goes on :-)) Lol.

(Pratima, many congratulations on getting a doctorate in the field of Nutrition).

There are people who'd be interested in reading posts related to writing, search engines and allied links. People who may find this blog interesting because of the links worth checking from here. They are interested in the professional side of my blog, my life.

There are people who'd be interested in what's happening in my life. Which job have I taken, where did I go for dinner over the weekend and which movie did I like and what books am I reading. They are interested in what's happening in my life, as it relates to them in some way or the other, or even if it doesn't relate, they like to read.

I write for myself and hence, there's no line dividing personal and professional posts. I need to separate the personal and professional posts, for the reader's of my blog. (I appreciate all you guys who visit my blog).

I've decided to categorize my posts - Professional, Personal and Miscellaneous (Misc). All the categories would be Public. A category name would be given to each post, from now onwards.

The Professional category would include posts related to search engines, google, gmail, links, news, information, articles, research, seo, content writing, collection of links, new web sites, interesting finds, news and views worth reading and other things related to writing, blogging, research and search engine optimization. Links to check, things to do, sites to surf, articles to read, posts on search engine optimization, content writing, web authoring; among other things.

The Personal category would include posts on poetry, my city, book reviews, my opinion on music, media and movies, musings, thoughts, collection of quotes, Thoughts for Today, Haiku, regional language poems, cricket, sports, outdoors, life n' times, thoughts on media, politics, news, actresses, girls, personal posts on what's happening in my life, my friends, family, relatives and relationships.

The Miscellaneous category would include posts that are part professional and part personal. A chat with a colleague, my online friends, my ideas, opinions, thoughts, dreams, plans and life n' times.