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Sunday, August 15, 2004

Watched "He Said She Said" on Star Movies last night.

The film is about two journalists (Kevin Bacon as Dan Hanson and Elizabeth Perkins as Lorie Bryer), who are colleagues and competitors, they write columns in a newspaper for and against a topic. From newspaper they move on to television and start living together.

The guy doesn't commit to marriage, the girl is interested in marriage. After three years of working on the same show, living together, they don't know where their relationship is heading. The gal has had enough and decides to call it quits, after hitting her partner, competitor, colleague and friend with a mug on a live show. The show generates a lot of publicity, the promoters are excited and see that as a marketing opportunity, the girl is emotionally upset, ("What is the use of emotions, if you can't express them!", a lovely quote from the film).

On their last show which they do separately, the girl proposes the guy's views which she had opposed the other day and in a perfect reversal, the guy proposes the girl's views on 'the merger of highways' which is a metaphor for their lives. (Should two highways going separately be merged?).

If you guys get a chance, I suggest you should watch it.