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Thursday, August 26, 2004


The future of search.

There's an interesting pic. of what Google will be like in 2005 and 2020 on searchenginewatch.

My thoughts on the future of search and Google search in particular.

Five years from now Google will be a full-fledged shopping web site like ebay.
For any search query alongwith the search results, there will be separate links for "Buy this, Read Review, Browse Features, Check Stores" and this will be the result from Google itself with the links leading to various pages on Google's web sites from where one could buy, read review, check the availability and browse the features of a product, item, thing, material etc.

For any search query there will be an advanced Shopping drop down list based on which the results related to web sites as well as Google shopping sites would be shown. These results would be over and above the ones provided by Google's Froogle. Froogle would metamorphose (change, use a simple word brother!) into a one stop shop for all kinds of products with links leading to the web site providers and also to Google's internal shopping sites, with a advanced search utility for searching Google specific products.

Google would also try and tie-up with vendors offline to have a global presence. For example, from Googlestore.com one would have links to offline merchants who would sell their products in different countries.

Some thoughts, I put them down on paper.

Security is and will be a major concern. Google could also do well do go in the field of anti-virus solutions and build a specialty search engine for removing viruses.

There will be a Google Meta Search Engine too (this is an interesting possibility).
Google will expand and then there will be a search engine to search Google's different search engines!!! :-)

How about a Google Messenger where you have the world at your fingertips with a Google Messenger that incorporates Gmail, web, images, news, groups, shopping, froogle, meta and all other searches.

Google's Fields.


Web, Images, Groups (Usenet), Groups (created by new users), Images, Gmail, Orkut, Personals, Softwares, Programming, Google Meta, Google Voice. Google Web Cam, Google Messenger.

Searching the deepweb, scanning the contents of all the libraries of the world and making a Google Library search with any book in any language available for a download, free or otherwise as a word or a pdf file thru Google's Library search.

The ability to imagine is the first step towards creating a future...

More later...