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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Wherever you go, carry your own sunshine! A nice quote!

Another good one, I'd rather have a mind opened in wonder rather than one closed by belief.

If you don't like something, change it! If you can't change it, change your attitude!

When the candles are out; all women are fair! (This is a nice n' naughty one!) Isn't it!

What care I how fair she be, if she be not fair to me?

Some random shayari, I've read it on the net or someone has told me or I've read it offline.

Sau Chaand Bhi Chamkenge to Kya Baat Banegi
Aap Aaye to Is Raat Ki Aukaat (Aukaad!?) Badhegi (Banegi?)

Woh Aaina Dekhte Hai...
Woh Aaina Dekhte Hai
Aur Yeh Bhi Dekhte Hai Ki Koi Unhe Na Dekhe
Unhe Ara-e-Gesu (Hair) se Matlab
Koi Deewaana Ban Jaaye Unki Bala Se!

I like the song Anjaane from Strings? Have you heard that song?

The lyrics of Lakshya are good. Preity Zinta looks lovely. I liked her in that skyblue flowing skirt and yellow top with open tresses (hair flowing), she looked cute n' beautiful. I also liked her character. A girl who knows whats she wants from life! Lakshya is a nice movie.

I am going to watch another movie on my CD player tonight.

I have to update my CV on naukri.com
I also have to search for a job.
I have received a reply from the company where I'd appeared for an interview in June. They haven't replied in the positive. I'd done well in the interview and the test before that. A probable reason would be, they thought I wouldn't stick with the company for a long time, another reason, I tend to lose interest if the work is slow, and the company looked slow (took such a long time to take a decision). I'm thinking these would be the probable reasons.

This is good, as I have a chance to go to Bangalore or even to Pune. I'll start searching for jobs. Besides that, I'd be getting a raise here, effective from this month's salary, so the going is good, still, I need to make it even better.

One of my favourite quotes. I've made this one.

Do it fast. Do it accurately. Do it right the first time!

I've used this as my email signatures.

My Email signatures.

Love me or hate me, you won't be able to ignore me.
Do it fast. Do it accurately. Do it right the first time!
Rukne ka nahin... Thakne ka nahin... Life main chalte rehne ka...
There's a saying among prospectors, go out looking for one thing and that's all you will find.
Give your best to the world and the best will come back to you.
Leadership is action, not position.
In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.

Some SMS'es stored in the my cellphone's Messages Outbox.

Time files when you're having fun.
You are never as good as everyone tells you when you win. You are never as bad as everyone tells you when you lose. You have to believe in yourself.
We are the pilgrims master, we should always go, a little further. It may be beyond the last blue mountain barred with snow, across the angry or that glimmering sea.
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going!
Pahtela jeb sil jaayega... Jo chahega mil jaayega...Tere bhi din aayenge chhote... Acchha khasa hil jaayenga.... Rukne ka nahin, thakne ka nahin, life main chalte rehne ka...
Excellence: The Principle is competing with yourself. It's about self-improvement. Being better than you were the day before.

Bye for now!