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Sunday, June 20, 2004

Read this nice print advertisement in today's Times of India.
(This is an advt. for Indiatimes Spirituality).

I like the inspirational and exhorting tone of this advertisement.

Read it, it is fantastic! A good piece of copy-writing.

In a universe scattered with zillions of galaxies,
is a small galaxy called the Milky Way,
clustered with billions of stars.

Rotating around one of its small stars
is a tiny planet called Earth,
further divided into continents and countries.

In those countries are cities with proper localities
criss-crossed by streets on which there are buildings with many floors, and on the fifth (third!) floor of one building is your office.

That office has so many departments,
further broken up into cubicles
and in the far left (right!) corner is one such cubicle
with your name written on it.

Does your vision end there, in that cubicle, in front of your computer screen?


No! My vision doesn't end there!!!

It's a big world out there and I'm going to explore it to the fullest!