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Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Last evening, on my way back home from office, I bought 'Bisticks' (Biscuit sticks with almonds) from Almond House, for Deb. He'd given me his cellphone number in that context.

I have this habit of remembering telephone numbers. I do note and save cellphone nos., but before that, I remember them.

Deb, my colleague, gave me his cellphone number in the afternoon, I remembered it, he asked me whether I wanted to note it and I said that I prefer to remember. Before going home, he asked me his cellphone number and I told him the same and he was surprised. I wasn't, because, that's how I remember tel. nos. For example if it is 98850, then Hutch and then break the five digit number in Hindi like if it is 72034, then hutch, and 'saat so bees' 'chautees' in Hindi, and, visualise it written in air in English alongwith with a photo of the person, now, I can read that number in front of me 98850 - 72034 easy, isn't it! That's my way of remebering telephone numbers.
Another good way is to say the number once or twice as soon as you get to know it and visualize it written in air with a photo of the person.