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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I have filled the Performance Appraisal Form.
The appraisal would be done in the first week of July and there would be an increase in payscale from July onwards.

Appraisal Form - Thoughts

Section B, Point No.2 says,
"Commitment to Schedules"
Description: "Able to put in the best to deliver the outputs as defined with quality."

Such a big sweeping statement!!!! What does this mean?
I bet even the HR Manager would not be able to explain. They'd have copied this from some HR manual! ;-)

Let me try and explain, as per what I understood of those words.

"Able to put in the best" - Alright, understood, you give your 100%.
(I know I haven't given it :-) or else, I wouldn't be here!! :-))

"To deliver outputs as defined with quality."
Now what does this mean?

Does it mean you give the results as suggested by the quality people, or you give results as per a set standard given by the quality department, or you give the answers, results as per what quality says.

Now, who/what/where is 'Quality'?
If they define something, is that always right?

Take the overall sentence, "Able to put in the best to deliver the outputs as defined with quality."

Let me see if this is what it means...

The quality dept. has given some guidelines, so you put in your 100% and perform at your optimum level and deliver the results on those lines.

Now, what if I don't perform to my optimum and still get the results?
What if, there is no Quality department? The HR copied this sentence from some place and while copy/pasting forgot to read! :-)
What if, I don't want to put in 100% because without going to my optimum level, I'm able to deliver the results.
Who decides what are the best results?

Only a few words, at the wrong place, create such a mess.

Anyways, I'm writing this on my blog.

Like an obedient employee, I read the sentence, didn't think much about it, yes, I didn't think much about it while filling the form, entered a number, 4 out of 5 and moved ahead. That's what one has to do!

I'm doing all the thinking, on my blog.

I don't care what hike I get, maybe 10 or 15 percent or more or less!
It will be a figure in the bank account at the end of the month!

I'm waiting for a reply from the company where I'd appeared for an interview in the second week of June. In the meantime, I've sent my CV to a Pune based company. I'm waiting for their reply, let's see.

I won't be in Hyderabad from this Saturday evening to wednesday morning. I'd be going to Bombay for Apurva's marriage.
Atleast, I'm planning too. Then don't know. If I ask, then definitely, I won't get a holiday, there's a project review etc. in the first week of July.