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Sunday, May 09, 2004

I want to go home. I haven't been to Pune for almost four months. Not that long a time, but somehow, I'm feeling restless. I need some change. Work is regular. Morning to evening, five days a week. I feel that, Meri Zindagi mai Gati, Tezi, Ravaani, Raftaar nahin hai. I need to change my lifestyle. Apart from home, TV, Office, work, email, internet, reading, eating.. I need to do something else. Maybe do some part-time work or else go for jogging daily. If Anil Ambani can find the time to go for running daily, I don't have any excuse, except for one and that is 'I don't have any company!' Jahan bhi jaata hu... akela jaata hu... eat ice-cream at KBR park, all alone, drink Khus Sherbet at Springs, all alone, I don't even have anyone to go out for a movie. Karu to kya karu...Saturdays, Sundays jaise time jaata hi nahin hai...
I want to visit Golconda fort, I want to go to Durgam Cheruvu, I want to go to Prasads, IMAX...anyone there to give me company!!!
I need a girlfriend!!!