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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Instructional Design - Course Content

Category: Personal

For my ready reference.

Instructional Design Course Content.

- Introduction to Instructional Design
- Learning Theories of Instructional Design
- Learning Styles
- ADDIE Model of Instructional Design
- Analysis: Need, Audience, and Task (What does this mean?)
- Structuring and Content Outline
- Instructional Objectives
- Bloom's Taxonomy
- Content Types
- Flow and Clarity
- Visualization and Storyboarding
- Assessment
- Technical Writing
- English Writing Tips
- Instructional Strategies
- Instructional Design Models

I'd taken a test at a Pune based e-learning company. It's been 2 weeks and they haven't said yes or no? So how am I supposed to know what is happening? We will let you know. Cool. Thanks. But when will you let me know? The last time around, they were calling me, and I didn't go, so I guess, it's even-stevens, I want to join, and they aren't calling me!

Technowrites charges Rs. 10K for 3 days, which is costly for an individual although corporates can afford that.

Symbi's six months online course starting from January 2005 is priced at Rs. 7K.

Now what is preventing me from learning this stuff on my own?
I need a GPL

I have the syllabus, I have Google, and I'm eager to learn.
So, I'll go ahead on my own.

Come on Chirayu Fight and just do it!

I've to find links for all the above topics.
(Research, collect, present, read, understand, learn, practice, and work).
And, I don't need a *Certificate* for that.

What care I how fair she be,
If she be not fair to me

Oh the heart is a free and fetterless thing
A wave of the ocean,
A bird on a wing!
~ Julia Pardoe

I've a quote for any occasion. I'm good at remembering quotes, and matching them to an occasion.

Humorous - One of my favourite quotes is, "I don't care whether the glass is half-full of half-empty," on being asked whether I am an optimist or a pessimist (ofcourse I'm an optimist), but on the lighter side, "as long as it's half-anything, all I know is it's time for another round!" :-) lol

Ok, let me make a note, right here, right now: Whatever happens, whether I'm earning 'x' thousands or 'y-zee' thousands, I'm going to party like anything on New Year's eve.


"Rukne ka nahin, thakne ka nahin, life main chalte rehne ka!"
"Stop not, tire not, keep on walking in life!"

I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way.